The First Blockchain DAO on the African Continent

26 Jun 2022

Adroa Capital is a Blockchain focused investment DAO that is uniquely and proudly African. We aim to introduce founders and their innovation to the Africa demography.

The strategy for Adroa capital’s growth marketing can be applied to the areas of Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral.

Combined with all these will be an introduction to ICOs, IDOs and IGOs which are the foundations of new startup companies which use blockchain to create tangible products or platforms utilizing cryptocurrency.

Our hack for growth on Blockchain technology and coin offerings will give insights needed to be successful in the ever-growing capital market as it relates to investing money into new and revolutionary trends.

Services being offered by Adroa Capital:
*Assisting with regulatory and fund approval for start ups and projects
*Advising on fund formation.
*Liaising with professional advisors and stakeholders in the blockchain community.
*Reviewing and renewal of all relevant agreements.
* Designing custom-built documents, letters, accounts and investment reports.
* Providing subscription processing.

Blockchain advisory:
Experience the first full-service consulting company that solely focuses on Blockchain. Our team of financial analysts, blockchain experts, and product managers can help you leverage this emerging technology to its fullest potential.

Strategic investment:
Adroa capital aims to empower the best ideas with the right funding and capital for start ups in cryptocurrency, NFTs and other alternative securities in the blockchain world.

Partnership connections:
Through intentional and strategic partnerships , we aim to form alliances with platforms that we share similar values and belief with. We want to have stakes in tokens or block chain projects that will appreciate over time.

Influencers in the African demography:
First and foremost Adroa capital aims to connect with influencers who have passion and interest in blockchain projects focused on helping Blockchain startups reach their full potential.

We help develop and connect with other startups and influencers in the space, and promote products and services to users, media, customers, and investors.

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